The action: After my talk I ask the audience to leave their chairs and come closer to me. Without any form of mirror, I ask them to guide me verbally to place the tattoo machine in the middle of my forehead between my brows, in order to make a mark with red ink. Eventually I hand them the tattoo machine so that they can do the final touches.

From: ‘Enlightenment’, performance. Featured in the symposium ‘Love, Pain, Intimacy in Live Art’. Queen Mary University (London 2018) Picture: Orlando Myxx


A photographer wraps me in a rainbow sac, binds me with rope, takes shots and frees me.

“Escapology’ is an ongoing project in collaboration with different photographers from all around the world.

From: ‘Ivan Lupi’s Circadian Rhythm’, ‘Escapology’, performance. Art Karoo, Oudtshoorn. South Africa. Picture by Wilhelm Vincent.