The action: After my talk I ask the audience to leave their chairs and come closer to me. Without any form of mirror, I ask them to guide me verbally to place the tattoo machine in the middle of my forehead between my brows, in order to make a mark with red ink. Eventually I hand them the tattoo machine so that they can do the final touches.

From: ‘Enlightenment’, performance. Featured in the symposium ‘Love, Pain, Intimacy in Live Art’. Queen Mary University (London 2018) Picture: Orlando Myxx


From: ‘Bench’, performance. Featured in ‘Visualeyez’ annual festival of performance art, curated by Todd Janes. With the support of Laitude 53 art gallery and Edmonton Art Council. Beaver Hills House Park. Edmonton. Canada. Picture by: Sandra Der.

Read the article: http://www.visualeyez.org/2017/12/18/ivan-lupi-bench/


I stand in a room in the dark. The audience can enter the room one person at a time and contemplate the palms of my hands softly lit by a spotlight.

From: ‘Spotlight’, performance. Featured in the exhibition ‘Experimenting with a wunderkammer of vanitas’, curated by Mario Casanova. MACT/CACT Contemporary Art Ticino. Bellinzona. Switzerland. Picture from the video by: Pier Giorgio De Pinto Pro © Litteris/Zurich.

‘Act of faith’

Take your place on the platform in one of the four points indicated by the fruit and say “Hi”. Eat some fruit if you feel like it while we share the present moment. You can stand as long as you like. You could also take my place once I’ve left.

In times where politics has reduced itself to low entertainment tuned to the annihiliation of the thinking of the masses, the artist’s responsibility is to stand vigil over the boundaries that separate true history from propaganda.

To make art today is to find a form of easy dialogue that faces in ever more directions, cultural, territorial, political, historical, ethnic.

The body stands like a tablet, a vessel, a flag. The body cannot stop reinterpreting history nor offering a vulnerable greeting that creates a space for the sharing of a conversation.

Art is not something we make. Art is there already and it blossoms at the moment where artist and audience bring their own personal contribution to a conversation that has philosophical and social value.
This is the genesis of art.


From: ‘Act of faith’, performance. Government Museum and Art College. Chandigarh. India. Picture by Jeetin Rangher.